Site Update and Blog Move

Major web site changes and updates throughout. It was long overdue, the site a couple weeks ago was more than 10 years out of date actually. So it became not just updates for content and information, but also a change in the underlying structure as well. The new design launched here in Feb 2020 is… Read More »

realchat backend pages one

there are more pages, and docs available if interested. also – the list of moderation options needed is on the team page along with screens of avchat and gchats admin / backend settings for reference.

Research before buying web software – script security is important

We spend a good deal of time researching software before we buy it, and even then we are at time disappointed with purchases we had hoped would make web sites function better. Whether it’s server side software for web site addons, or complete web site scripts, take the time to research the piece of software… Read More »

What makes for a great wordpress theme?

A recent post at performancing is asking bloggers what they consider essential ingredients for a good wordpress theme. I’m going to go a step further and not only list some ingredients for a good wordpress theme, but some of the features that I look for when trying to find a great theme for wordpress sites.… Read More »